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  Camões Flash  

We are proud and honoured to introduce you to our Camões Flash, our school newsletter. This student-driven, student-written and student-published newsletter highlights the most updated news and events in our school. We have a lot little writers, poets and reporters in our school. Camões Flash provides a platform to display our students' outstanding work.

If you would like to contribute your work to our Camões Flash, please feel free to contact Miss Polly Fung or Camões Flash's team members through Eclass or in person.

Click here to view Camões Flash. Enjoy reading it!

2013-2014 Issue 1
2013-2014 Issue 2
2013-2014 Issue 3
2013-2014 Issue 4
2012-2013 Issue 1
2012-2013 Issue 2
2012-2013 Issue 3
2011-2012 Issue 1
2011-2012 Issue 2
2011-2012 Issue 3
2011-2012 Issue 4
2011-2012 Issue 5
2011-2012 Issue 6
2011-2012 Issue 7

  School Prospectus  

2015-2016 Prospectus

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