Working Teams

It is a big team in TSL with more than 70 teaching staff.  They are highly qualified, with 100% of whom are local or overseas university graduates.  They are committed to teaching excellence and actively participating in different roles to arouse students' potential. 


A team of supporting staff has also been employed to assist in designing and preparing teaching materials.



Core Management Team

School Year 2023-24
Mr Raymond Chou, Principal

Ms Esther Tse, Vice Principal

Mr Paul Lui, Vice Principal

Ms Jenn Yeung, Vice Principal

Ms Selina Pang, Senior Teacher
Mr CP Chan, Senior Teacher



Subject Management Teams

School Year 2023-24

Ms Samantha Leung (Panel Head)

Ms Becky Ma (Assistant Panel Head)

Ms Bowie Ma (Assistant Panel Head)


Ms Judith Ng (Panel Head)

Ms Carrie Leung (Panel Head)

Ms Ivy Wong (Assistant Panel Head)


Mr Albert Leung (Panel Head)

Ms Joyce Chau (Assistant Panel Head)
Ms Eva Li (Assistant Panel Head)

General Studies

Mr Terry Lam (Panel Head)

Ms Mandy Cheung (Assistant Panel Head)


Ms Jenn Yeung (Panel Head)

Ms Suki Xiong (Assistant Panel Head)

Physical Education

Mr Dick Choy (Panel Head)

Ms Doris Shiu (Assistant Panel Head)

Visual Arts

Ms Vivien Lau (Panel Head)

Ms BY Lau (Assistant Panel Head)

Computer Studies

Ms Penny Tung (Panel Head)

Mr Paul Lui (Assistant Panel Head)

Third Languages Ms Jenn Yeung, Mr CP Chan (Person-in-charge)
Final year Project Mr CP Chan, Ms Penny Tung (Person-in-charge)
Putonghua Ms Rachel Lee (Person-in-charge)




Functional Groups In-charge

School Year 2023-24
Academic Affairs

Mr Paul Lui

Student Affairs

(Medical & dental service, immunization)

Ms Joanne Liem

Fee remission & scholarship

Ms Joanne Liem

Values Education

Mr Angus Tsang

Counselling and Guidance

Ms Pauline Yip


Mr Gary Ho

National Security Education

Ms Esther Tse


Ms Esther Tse

IT & eLearning Ms Esther Tse
SSPA Ms Carrie Leung
ECA Mr Dick Choy
Camões TV Mr CP Chan
School Events Ms Edith Chan
School Bus Mr Angus Tsang