Counselling and Guidance

Our school puts great emphasis on nurturing students’ positive attitudes and life values through learning activities with daily life contexts.  These activities aim at meeting students’ growing needs and cope with challenges of the changes in the community.


Two class teachers of each class work closely with the Pastoral Team, the School Social Worker and the Educational Psychologist of our school to provide suitable counselling services and guidance to our students. 


Through different activities, students are cultivated to develop good character, enhance their team spirit and critical thinking.  We hope our students to become optimistic, brave and resilient in the future.



P1 adaptation

To help P1 students to adapt to a new environment smoothly, we offer a range of activities to help them embrace new changes and challenges in their primary school life.  These activities include P1 Orientation Day, school tour, parents’ lunch visit, etc. 


  P1 school tour  



Training workshops and Therapeutic groups 

Our team organizes different training workshops to strengthen students’ social and communication skills, help them build good peer relationship and enhance their emotion management skills.  Workshops are held in small groups to meet the different levels of needs. Useful information is disseminated to students in an interesting and relaxing atmosphere with different interesting activities. 


  Fun in Art Workshop & Smart Kids Workshop  



Personal Growth and Life Education

During the weekly Personal Growth and Life Education lessons, different themes and learning activities are implemented to develop students’ all-round personality.  The lessons enable students to develop a positive mindset, build resilience, understand the importance of cherishing life, and to promote teamwork among students.  We hope our students will have positive mindset and values.


  Happy Servers  



Thanksgiving 360°

We kick off the Thanksgiving 360° with the opening ceremony in November each year.  During this week, teachers encourage students to express their gratitude to the important people in their lives.  Through different fun and engaging activities, students learn more about the importance of gratitude in their daily lives.


  Open ceremony and Thanksgiving activities  



Project Rainbow

About 20 P.4 students participate in the Project Rainbow Programme each year.  It is a comprehensive counselling programme promoting personal growth, resilience, social skills, problem-solving skills, emotion management skills and optimism.  Different activities are held to help students identify their individual goals and achieve personal growth.


  Project Rainbow Day Camp and Overnight Camp  



Student Ambassadors

10 P5-6 senior students are selected as student ambassadors each year. This program aims to promote students' positive life values, such as respect, commitment, compassion and service to others, and develop their problem-solving skills.  Student ambassadors will participate in a series of training courses and help promote positive life values in the school.


  Student ambassador helping P1 students and having training  



Leadership Camp

The school organizes Leadership Camps for P.4 to P.6 students every year.  Students can develop their leadership potential through different adventure activities, and improve their problem-solving, communication and decision-making abilities through experiential learning.


  Adventure-based Leadership Camp  



Parents' Talks and workshops

Our school emphasizes the importance of the emotional wellbeing for both students and parents.  We believe that positive parents nurture positive children.  Therefore, a good parent-child relationship is very important.  The Educational Psychologist and School Social Worker hold parent seminars and workshops from time to time to promote positive values and provide tips for parents  on how to get along with their kids.


  Parent workshop and Parent talk by Educational Psychologist  



Support for students with special educational needs (SEN)

The School Social Worker communicates closely with parents to discuss the progress and learning situation of students.  We provide students with additional support or special arrangements as appropriate.