Study Tours

Explore Different Cultures

Our teachers design for our students interesting and educational study tours.  Our students take these opportunities to immerse themselves in different cultures, and connect with different people and places in person. 



See the World

The learning goals of each tour may vary, which, for instance, include learning different languages, music and art, star observation, visiting local farm, and homestay at a local family.  Students would appreciate the unique world heritage architecture and culture.  All these would help our students broaden their understanding of the world and see things from different perspectives.


 2023 Taiwan 

In order to broaden our students’ horizon, Principal Chou and 5 teachers led a group of 35 students on a 5-day study tour to Taiwan this summer. The highlight of the tour was definitely the night we explored and captured the Milky Way and the starry night sky together on the Hehuan Mountain. It was such an unforgettable and precious experience for our students.


 2019 Henan 

Through different workshops and exploring activities, the students were able to learn more about Henan in different angles including history and culture. They toured around Millennium City Park, Ancient Bridle Path, Kaifeng House, Shaolin Temple, Tomb Museum, LaoCheng LiShi WenHua GuJie, Longmen grottoes, Baiyuan Park and Shenzhou Peony Park Luoyang Peony Fair. Besides, our students visited a local primary school (鄭州中學附屬小學) to learn more about the school life of local students. They also got the hands on experience in making the traditional art crafts - wooden Chinese New Year art, and flour figures.


 2018 Osaka & Kyoto 

Our Principal and six teachers led a group of 30 P4-6 students on a 6-day study tour to Japan during 28 June to 3 July 2018. During the tour, students attended different cultural and arts workshops, and visited various arts museums and sketched at Fushimi Inari Taisha. They also had cultural exchange with students of Ikeda Elementary School (our sister school), and the Experimental Primary School of National Dong Hwa University from Taiwan. It was really a special experience as it was the first time for students from all the three schools to have a reunion. Feedback from students indicated that they have greatly enhanced their self-management skills, and inquisitive learning.


 2018 Quanzhou 

Through different workshops and exploring activities, the students were able to learn more about Quanzhou in different angles including history, culture and religion from the heritage or historic monuments such like temples, museums, tea and incense factories. In addition, to experience the amalgamation of Chinese and foreign culture in the perspective of the “starting point of the Maritime Silk Road” was the main focus of the tour. Through the visit of a local primary school (德化尚思小學), our students got the hands on experience in making pottery. Furthermore, our students visited the home town of our donor - Dr. Tan Siu Lin. What an unforgettable experience for all!


 2017 The USA 

In order to broaden students' horizon, our present Principal, Mr Raymond Chou and four teachers, with the help from an experienced astronomy instructor led a group of 30 students and 4 alumni on a 10-day study tour to the United States in August 2017. Before the tour, students were taught astronomical photography, and during the tour, they grasped the golden opportunity to take quality photos of solar eclipse with advanced astronomical telescope. Also, they enjoyed the star observation very much. Without a doubt, this tour was an unforgettable and fantastic experience in their lives.


 2016 Taiwan 

  2016 New Zealand 

 2015 Osaka & Nagoya 

 2015 Italy 

 2014 Xi'an 

 2014 Taiwan 

 2013 Osaka 

 2012 Taiwan 

 2012 Austria 

 2011 Yunnan 

 2011 Singapore 

 2010 Shanghai 

 2010 Sabah 

 2010 Aomori 

 2009 UK & France