General Studies

Widening horizons

The General Studies Curriculum aims to stimulate students' interest to enquire and explore with a special emphasis on hands-on and problem-solving activities.  A wide range of visits and programmes promote life-wide learning and widen students' horizon by tapping the community's resources.



Critical thinking

To help students develop high order thinking skills and communication skills, projects are designed to students of each class level.   Students could manage their learning by choosing the topics in which they are interested.



Treasure our world

Our school-based “Organic Gardening Experience” curriculum nurtures our students with a sustainable living lifestyle. Through a 3-month sweet corn growing experience from planting a seed to harvest, students learn to treasure what we have from our Earth in the aspect of knowledge, skills and attitude.



P.3 - Sense to hot and cold water

P.4 - Map reading skills around the School


P.3 - Corn harvesting

P.6 - Set up pulley systems


P.6 - How inclined planes save force

P.6 - Lever principle


P.1 - Visit to HK Zoological and Botanical Gardens

P.3 - Visit to organic farms


P.6 - Visit to Legislative Council Complex

P.5 - GS Project