We provide a wide variety of music experience so that students can gain enjoyment and satisfaction. Through different music activities, students develop their aesthetic sensitivity, creativity and emotional intelligence capabilities. We hope our students will pursue a life-long interest in music.



Instrumental training programme

We organize a wide range of instrumental classes for students. Students learn instruments continuously and practise constantly. Students enhance their instrumental techniques through the guidance of the professional instructors.



Immerse in music

Every Monday morning, there is music broadcast in the whole school campus before the first class period. Students, parents and teachers immerse in music and start a wonderful day.



School Teams

There are 8 music teams in our school including choirs, orchestras, handchime ensembles and string camerata. Through the year-round trainings, students gain enjoyment and satisfaction and cultivate positive values and attitudes.



Annual Concert

Annual Concert serves as a platform for our students to experience public performance and showcase their music talents. Performing music on the stage fulfills the desire of the little musicians' natural creative spirit.