Moral and Civic Education

We educate our students to recognize their roles, rights and responsibilities who can respect diverse cultures and make sound judgements in a caring and reasonable manner in order to foster sustainable development.


Through diversified learning experiences such as visits, competitions, services and trainings, students are nurtured to widen their horizons, identify core values of life and build their own identities.



Environmental Protection

To connect students to the environmentally-friendly living style through mini-acts, we have Climate Action Educational Programme, Carbon Reduction School Program, Lunch Energy Saving Action and Water Saving Program.   Visits are organized for students to experience the beauty of nature so as to educate them the importance of environmental protection.



National Identity Building

Through regular National Flag Raising Ceremony, students get to know more about the National Flag and the National Anthem as well as the etiquette when playing and singing the National Anthem.  Students also learn more about the state of China, its history and culture through different activities.



Sex Education

It aims to help students establish and accept the role and responsibility of their own gender. Understanding the differences and similarities between the two genders in terms of body and mind will lay the foundation for the future development in their interpersonal relationship.